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Zombicide 2nd Ed Chronicles Survivors

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Zombicide 2nd Ed Chronicles Survivors


The Chronicles Survivors Set for Zombicide 2nd Edition gives players the choice of 12 new survivors, complete with miniature and survivor ID card to use. These figures come from the Zombicide: Chronicles RPG and represent characters from that game. So, players that want figures for the characters from the RPG will also get a chance to visualize these survivors in new ways.

-Highly-Detailed Figures: Each survivor is represented on the tabletop with a highly-detailed miniature figure, perfectly suitable for painting.

-New Player Options: With a dozen new Survivors to choose from, players will have plenty of new options for when they start a game.

-Chronicle Crossover: For Zombicide 2nd Edition: Chronicles RPG players, these figures represent characters from the game, giving them figures to use on the board when playing.

-This is an expansion. A copy of the following is required to play: Zombicide 2nd Edition