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Tribes of Zaberias: Chapter 1 – The Origin

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Tribes of Zaberias

In the magical realm of Zaberias four tribes are fighting to conquer the whole realm: The Guardians, Orcs, Humans, and Undead.

It is a strategy-level war game. A player must conquer new fortresses and upgrade existing ones so to increase income, and gain access to stronger and bigger units. Each unit has different innate skills (power, range, & speed), and some special abilities which add many strategic maneuvers, fun, and replay-ability.

The game is straight forward and easy to learn; it does not limit the player but rather gives freedom of action. In each turn, a player can receive money, build units, upgrade fortresses, move and attack as much as his resources and units allow him. There is no specific action sequence. a player can do what suits him best.