Smirk and Dagger


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A unique 4-way dice tower stands at the center of this suspenseful cooperative game for 1 to 4 players.

Offshore rig, DeepWell-4 has ruptured and is spilling crude oil into the ocean at an alarming rate! Your joint task force must work together as a team to avert an ecological which threatens to contaminate marine life and devastate the ecosystem.

Oil dice spill out of the tower onto the four quadrants of the game board, constantly creating new threats. Meanwhile, players sail the perimeter to contain the spill, remove what oil they can from the water and save the sea life. An exciting 'reverse tower defense' challenge right to the very end.

  • Captivating cover and illustrations by Kwanchai Moriya
  • Amazing table presence paired with the cascade of 64 dice dropping through the tower is a huge consumer draw. Intuitive rules make the game accessible for hobby and family gamers alike.
  • Scalable difficulty, 9 Win Condition cards and 8 asymmetric player abilities keep the game fresh


  • Board
  • Status Board
  • Plastic Dice Tower
  • 8 Specialist Mats and Ship Tokens
  • 64 Dice
  • Cloth Bag
  • 36 Marine Animals
  • 20 Weather FX Tokens
  • 9 Win Condition Cards
  • 15 Resource Cards and Cubes