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Vampires awake from their torpor as the eternal roses are blooming.  You have until sunrise to run to the Labyrinth and pick the most beautiful bloom, hunting for Humans on your way, seducing Familiars to help you, and increasing your Powers to become the most notorious Vampire.

The Hunger is a race where each player will have to optimize their card deck, hunt Humans to gain Victory Points, fulfill secret Missions, and eventually acquire a Rose and return to the Castle before sunrise.  The more you hunt, the slower both you and your deck become, which will make it harder and harder to get back before daybreak.  Can you become the most notorious Vampire without burning to ashes at Sunrise?

  • Race across the board, hunt the most precious prey, and find the eternal rose!
  • Hunt the right cards to fit your strategy and build your deck!
  • Search crypts for Missions, but beware of bad hunts that may slow you down.
  • And make sure you’re back at the castle before sunrise or get burnt to ashes!


  • 122 Hunt cards: 80 Villagers, 22 Familiars, 20 Powers
  • 6 Vampire sheets
  • 6 Starting decks of 6 cards each (1 for each Vampire)
  • 6 Wood Vampire tokens (1 for each Vampire)
  • 6 Wood Score tokens (1 for each Vampire)
  • 1 Game board
  • 3 Rose cards
  • 1 Moon token
  • 50 Mission tiles
  • 5 Castle tiles
  • 26 Bonus tokens
  • 1 Hunt Track to assemble based on the number of players
  • Rulebook