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Welcome to Arzium, land of ancient civilizations, bizarre creatures, unexplained wonders, and vibrant characters.

A great sleeping sickness has spread across the land, sending every type of creature to wander for hundreds of miles in a dazed, incoherent march. It’s your job to seek them out and wake them from their sleep, recruiting them to help you find even more lost souls!

In Roam, players compete to find lost adventurers. The game includes more than fifty unique, tarot-sized adventurer cards, featuring characters from Near and Far, Above and Below, and Islebound. On the other side of each card is a landscape split into six squares that are placed in the center of the playing area to make the board.

  • Use adventurers in your party to search in unique patterns.
  • Claim land cards and add rescued adventurers to your growing party.
  • Use coins to purchase artifacts that grant unique abilities.