ORCONOMICS (second edition)
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ORCONOMICS (second edition)

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(second editon)

Hey, Orc! Are you sad that the days of heroes are in the past? Dive into the world of business, a vortex of competition, a fight to be the best!

Orconomics is an economic game like no other, with its peculiar setting, Orcish humor, and great artwork. Two to five players compete to establish Companies in ten different industrial sectors. Players use their actions to create Startups and develop them to become proper corporations; or they can get a presence in an industry sector by winning auctions.

Companies in each industrial sector generate income or losses, and grant abilities to players - in combination with the cards they have in hand - they can use to manipulate the economy of the Orc society. For example, as a leader of the Totemology industry you will be able to send a Crisis onto your opponents' companies; or you can use your control of Banks to make your opponents go bankrupt defaulting on their loans...

To win the game a player needs to be the first to found 10 companies - or sometimes even less if they successfully fulfill some business quests of Greed, Rage, or Dare!

The game board assembles randomly for each new game, providing great replayability as sectors will have different values and will affect each other differently from game to game.


1 Game board composed of 10 Industry sectors and a Central section

40 Industry cards

16 Quest cards

5 Player reference cards

50 Company tokens in 5 colors

50 Silver skulls

30 Gold skulls

1 Activity token

1 Crisis token

1 Oracle token

2 Forecast dice