Knockdown: Nemesis
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Knockdown: Nemesis

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Knockdown: Nemesis

When staying alive is your ultimate goal, and there’s only one enemy in front of you, the only thing you can do is to knock him down. There are no crewmates, no allies who could help you survive in this Arena. Impersonate one of the Nemesis characters and beat your opponent in single combat. Will you be able to use your skills and combos to knock down your rival, before he does that to you?

Keep your guard up and focus on the goal – winning by the spectacular K.O!


Knockdown Volume 2 contains three more fighters known from the Nemesis board game, skill cards, a new basic attack deck and a new arena.

 is a dynamic fighting game where you become a fighter and you have to knock down your opponent. During a game, you will have to surprise your opponent, create crazy combos, and, in the end, try to push them over by forcing them to the serious "Knockdown" test. All components from all Knockdown boxes can be mixed together.