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Kemet Book of the Dead Exp

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Kemet  Book of the Dead Exp


Thanks to The Book of the Dead expansion, you have access to some of the most powerful power tiles in the entire Kemet: Blood and Sand universe. However, access to this terrifying knowledge comes with a cost, as you will have to sacrifice your units to feed the Beyond. By doing so, you’ll sink into putrefaction, lose more and more prestige over your opponents, and even part with your precious victory points. This is the price to pay for access to such fearsome abilities and the most frightening of possibilities. Perhaps you will learn to summon the monstrous Apophis, a being of pure evil that dwells in the Underworld. Perhaps you can bend the all-knowing Thoth, the repository of the dark knowledge, to your will. COMPONENTS LIST: 1 board, 3 miniatures, 16 Emerald Power tiles, 5 Green Pyramid tops