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The adventure begins …

Choose your hero and travel down into the dungeon! Valuable treasures and countless dangers lurk deep beneath the crumbling walls of Karak Castle. Explore the dark labyrinth, arm yourself with powerful weapons and spells, and defeat dangerous monsters in epic dice battles. But only those who collect the most treasures will become the true master of Karak.

In the exciting dice adventure game Karak, you have six different heroes to choose from — take on the role of magician, thief, warrior, warlock, swordsman, or oracle and start your journey. Laying out the dungeon tiles piece by piece makes each game unique!

  • A dungeon crawler game for kids
  • Over the course of the game, a new dungeon maze is created, making each game unique 
  • Players assume the role of a hero/heroine and explore the maze by uncovering new tiles, defeating monsters in epic dice battles, and collecting valuable treasures in the process
  • Competitive: whoever collects the most treasures wins
  • Exciting gameplay: no one has to wait long for their next turn and the tables can turn on the players in the lead at any time