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Compete for the title of best “dog”tective by going undercover in InCORGnito!

Players must sniff out the secret item by playing cards from their hands, as they attempt to get information on what clues will lead them to the correct answer. Each time you bark up the wrong tree, you’ll lower your score, so choose your guesses wisely!

This silly family and party game will have all your tails wagging with a woofing good time! Sniff out the clues to guess the item!

Game Play: 

1. The Clue Giver draws an Item Card, keeping it a secret. 

2. The next player shows an Incorgnito Card and asks, "Is the item more like a corgi or more like a...?" 

3. The Clue Giver will then have to say which is closest to the secret item and one reason why. 

4. Players may use a token to "sniff" out clues and make a guess! 

5. Keep playing until the item is discovered, remembering the clues.


  • 120 Incorgnito Cards
  • 125 Item Cards
  • 10 Blank Item Cards to create your own item cards
  • 24 Sniff Tokens
  • Scorepad 
  • Instructions