Hot Takes
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Hot Takes

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Hot Takes

Let The Battle Begin!

Hot Takes is the perfect party game for any occasion. Bring along as an ice breaker at the office happy hour, to your next house party, or for game night with your friends. Play anywhere, debate everything — just remember to bring your sense of humor along for the ride.

Get fired up over opinions you never knew you believed so fiercely! Simply have the judge read a card, separate into teams based on how you feel about the opinion card, then let the debate begin! You can also play more individually by having everyone announce their opinions in a circle one by one. Earn points by being on the winning side!

With 300 Hot Take cards, each round is sure to get even more out of hand than the last! These cards range from spicy, to hysterical, to deep — but they're all guaranteed to launch a fiery debate like you've never had before.

Box spicy components:

300 Hot Take Cards, 10 Opinion Cards, 1 Scorepad, and Instructions.