Board and Dice


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Travel back in time to the founding of one of the greatest cities of mesoamerica, and become once again a part of its history. Design the foundation of a great pre-Columbian civilization, with its buildings, temples, and a grand pyramid in the center. Prove to be the best among competing architects, and your project will secure you a spot among the great founders of Teotihuacan!


In founders of Teotihuacan, 1 to 4 players compete to create the best-designed city of Teotihuacan. Over the course of three or four rounds, players place their disks on action spaces, forming towers of varying strength, and perform actions that allow them to build temples, buildings, and the pyramid central to their vision of Teotihuacan. Once the eclipse comes, all designs are assessed—and the player who Scores the most points wins.



  • 1 Main board (consists of 2 pieces)
  • 4 Double-sided player boards
  • 15 Mask tiles
  • 36 Worship tiles
  • 90 Building tiles
  • 38 Temple files
  • 46 Pyramid tiles
  • 9 Bonus disks
  • 24 Action disks
  • 4 Favor tokens
  • 4 Scoring tokens
  • 4 Architects
  • 90 Resource cubes of 3 types