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Fjords is a tile-laying game for 2 players that takes part over two phases: a tile-laying phase followed by a claiming of the land phase. To begin with, players will take turns placing hexagonal tiles to build the terrain they will soon be claiming. After placing a tile, a player may put one of their huts on the tile just placed. Once the layout of the land is completed, players continue to take turns, claiming sections of open land connected to their huts.  The other player - and the craggy terrain itself - will often spoil your plans. The player who claimed the most land over three rounds will win the game. Fjords mixes luck and skill in a tight rules set and small box. A long-awaited reprint, Grail Games is excited to be bringing Fjords back!  



  • 67 Cardboard hexagonal tiles (50mm in diameter)
  • 80 Wooden viking meeples in 4 colors
  • 16 Wooden longhouses in 4 colors
  • Cardboard rune stones
  • Rulebook