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Star Wars Legion: Wookie Warriors Unit Expansion

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Add a formidable unit of powerful Wookies to your Star Wars: Legion armies with the Wookie Warriors Unit Expansion! This tall and commanding species boasts nearly unrivaled physical strength and ferocity, and now both the Galactic Republic and Rebel Alliance can make use of their formidable skills.

The Wookie Warriors Unit Expansion puts six Wookie Warrior miniatures that can be assembled and used in a variety of ways at your command, including as either a close-range unit carrying ryyk blades and Kashyyk pistols or a unit of Wookie sharpshooters firing X1 Carbines. No matter how you assemble your miniatures, four upgrade cards invite you to field these units for both the Republic and Rebel factions. Additionally, a miniature representing a Wookie Chieftain can enter the fight as a Republic commander and a fifth unit card and three command cards let them further influence your strategy. Finally, eight upgrade cards invite you to customize your units with Wookies carrying an array of weaponry.