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It is the year 1400. You are Abelard Lavel, a knight sworn to King Charles VI the beloved. You live in the city of Paris in a family mansion not far from the famous Notre Dame Cathedral. Since you were a child, you have had strange, prophetic dreams in which you saw violent scenes of past crimes or even ones yet to be committed. Over time you learned that your unusual gift could be put to good use and you started to solve cases that nobody else could crack. This earned you some reputation in the city and now, whenever a mysterious crime is committed, the people seek your help.

The new Chronicles of Crime: 1400 standalone game brings back well-known mechanics from the chronicles of crime original game, strengthening the successful brand and adding engaging features to excite both new and experienced gamers. Players can enter a whole new era of crime-solving games by taking on the criminals of medieval Paris.

Players can deduce not only from the evidence found or the testimonies given by various characters but also from the mysterious scenes depicted on new vision cards. These scenes can be either from the future or form the past and they usually involve characters and objects yet to be revealed. During investigations, players can also count on family members to share their knowledge. They can rely on their uncle, a Monk who has a wealth of knowledge about written texts, their sister, a merchant who knows something about almost any object or even their brother, a king's spy, who knows a story or two about many of the people in the city. Finally, Abelard's faithful canine companion is always willing to trace a suspect, just bring him an item belonging to the person in question and he'll track them down!


  • 30 Character cards
  • 1 Dog companion card
  • 35 Evidence category cards
  • 15 Special item cards
  • 7 Double-sided location boards
  • 1 Home location board
  • 20 Oversized vision cards
  • 1 Thematic card evidence board
  • 1 Rulebook