Castle Panic 2nd Edition: Crowns and Quests
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Castle Panic 2nd Edition: Crowns and Quests

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Castle Panic 2nd Edition: Crowns and Quests

Castle Panic – Crowns and Quests

The newest expansion to Castle Panic.

Crowns and Quests adds 12 playable characters with unique abilities, along with Quests that the players must work together to complete while defending the Castle. Quests include searching for evil temples, hunting assassins, destroying magical stones that bring the enemies closer, teleporting the entire Castle to safety, and more.

Key Selling Points:

•             12 different characters with unique abilities

             18 different Quests provide high replay value

             Win condition changes from base game, offering deeper gameplay

             Quests are like mini expansions, dramatically changing each game

             Described by retailers at GAMA Expo as "Gloomhaven for Castle Panic"

Why should I buy it?

•             First new expansion to Castle Panic in 8 years, resulting in extremely high interest

•             Demand built through the Castle Panic Deluxe Collection Kickstarter

•             New expansions increase sales for all Castle Panic products

•             Meets a long-standing fan request for characters and missions in Castle Panic

 ln Crowns and Quests, each player chooses 1 of 12 characters with special abilities to complete 2 of 18 challenging Quests white defending the Castle. Quests include seeking magical scrolls, getting evacuees to safety, cutting off the Monster army at its source, locking down the frontier of the kingdom, and more.