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After the acclaimed First Edition, the long-awaited cooperative boardgame is finally back, with tons of new content and massive replayability! Are you ready for the challenge? Carnival Zombie is a cooperative board game for one to six players. Flee from a sinking city overrun by zombie! Control a party of heroes as they fight their way towards one of the few viable escape routes left! Use wisely the few daytime hours to prepare yourself for the night, as you will face a flood of zombies when the sun sets! Combat is fast and deterministic and random chance will not jeopardize your decisions, but the horde is fierce and will always put you under though choices. The Pile of Corpses dexterity minigame could make any slain undead rise again, so keep your cool in this ever-growing thrill! The 2nd Edition includes 16 high detailed miniatures and awesome new scenarios that will allow you to face totally new challenges and the Path of Saints Ruleset with which you can play with any number of Characters, even a challenging True Solo mode for hardcore gamers. 



During the day , at first They move together as a group through the sinking city Reviews towards the final rentals, Then Each One Spends the remaining hours in preparation for the night : building barricades Recovering from wounds, searching for items and survivors, or using His unique day ability. During the night , they face the challenge of Infected and Boss: they have few actions to perform and their unique ability to survive behind the barricades refuge in a fast and furious firefight. Only by close cooperation they could have a chance to stand until the sunlight when the horde retreats! If they're attacked, they'll accumulate stress until becoming terrified! And if one gets too much stress .. that's game over! Be ready to face the most stressful game ever! 



The Boss leads the horde of Infected during the night. Each one of them has powerful unique abilities that combines creating some very nasty situation to face. If you manage to kill them, you'll get powerful rewards, but you need to survive!    



Nightmare cards are used in two ways: at the center of the card is portrayed a random Even t That will affect your day, while, at the four corners there are boxes used for randomization . Item and weapons can be collected in two ways by Boss or Boss. Items and weapons can be persistent or just one shot , some will affect the day, while others will help you during the night. All of them can be sacrificed to save you from an attack. Boss tarots are used to discover the dreadful enemies you'll face every day after.  



The 2nd Edition includes awesome new scenarios that will allow you to face totally new challenges! Some of the features you will find That scenarios are in the tutorial scenario, go short & harder games, traitor mechanics, scalability (variable number of characters, one character For Each player), competitive game, more dexterity game and night-only scenarios! Finals also can be played as stand-alone scenarios! 



In Carnival Zombie fight, you know exactly what you're doing: no dice is rolled . But when you shoot zombie, you can not be totally sure that they will stay down.  

So you have to pick up the cubes you just eliminated with firepower and drop on the Pile of Corpses tile . Those falling will rise again, still charging you, the more difficult the drop!    



You may choose where to be near the night: the presence of fortifications will help you stay at the horde, but you will also be careful of the terrain , have to adapt your strategy to the environment! 



You can find survivors while scavenging for items. They are not fighters, they can be precious allies in the times of need!