Carnival of Monsters

Carnival of Monsters

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Carnival of Monsters

The carnival is coming, ready to amaze with unusual creatures never seen before! As the master of your very own Carnival of Monsters, can you present the audience with the spectacle they demand by capturing the most magnificent menagerie of monsters? The carnival master who can explore the magical lands where these creatures dwell and bring back the finest specimens will know riches and fame galore. But be careful—not all monsters are peaceful, so keep a few hunters on hand to keep them from getting loose!

  • A Card-drafting and set collection game from Richard Garfield, the inventor of Magic the Gathering!
  • Features luscious, custom artwork from famous gaming illustrators
  • Engaging gameplay with a unique storyline

240 Cards
108 Cardboard Coins
24 Hunter Tokens
5 Player Boards
3 Royal Hunter Dice
1 Game Board
Game Rules