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In Renaissance Florence, a basilica unlike anything the world has ever seen is being built. Two architects are delegated to work on it. The first is on behalf of the queen, the second is on behalf of the diocesan bishop. One of them will enjoy splendor and wealth, and the other will be forever forgotten.

The legendary Basilica is back in a new refreshed form! Łukasz M. Pogoda’s game (ORP Orzeł, Savanna) has a new version, and within it a mini-extension - Festum Fatuorum with special Basilica tiles and Altar tokens. Medieval Florence. Two architects were delegated to build the world’s most magnificent basilica, but only one of them will make history as the genius of his time. Build more fragments of the vault, give orders to builders, and when necessary... copy your opponent’s moves. After all, if you want to be famous, all the tricks are allowed...

  • A republication of an iconic game by Łukasz M. Pogoda (ORP Orzeł, Sawanna) from 2010
  • Two-player strategy game with a bunch of negative interaction set up in the medieval times
  • Mini-expansion Festum Fatuorum introduces special Basilica tiles and Altar tokens