Axio The Gamers Table
Axio The Gamers Table
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Axio is an abstract family board game for players who can keep their victory points in balance.

In this tile placement game, players take turns adding domino style tiles to a shared playing area. Each time you play a tile — with tiles bearing one- or two-colored symbols — you score points for symbols of the same type that are in rows extending from the recently-placed tile. 

Tiles can be placed on other tiles in some situations.

When the game ends, players check the scores for each of their symbols, and their final score is equal to the lowest value among them. Whichever player has the highest low score wins!


• 1 Game board
• 100 Tiles
• 4 Tile racks
• 4 Scoreboards
• 20 Wooden score markers
• 20 Pyramids
• 1 Cloth bag
• 2 Rule books (English, German)