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As You 'Wich

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As You 'Wich

A delicious (and sometimes disgusting) card game that has one goal, build the best sandwich you can and convince your opponents it's the best they've ever seen. As You 'Wich is an ecstatic celebration of mankind's greatest invention: the sandwich. From hot pitas stuffed with falafel to fresh baguettes with ham and butter, every corner of the world has its sandwich, and its people have their sandwich opinions.

Each player starts with 5 cards. Players then draw cards or take from the three piles of cards in the middle (known as “The Sandwich Store”). Gameplay continues until each store is forcefully closed. Then players take turns to pitch their creation.

Once all sandwiches have been pitched, on the count of three, players point and pick the best sandwich. The best sandwich wins the round. The chef who wins the most rounds wins the game!